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Mission Statement

​We believe that every student is entitled to an educational environment that best suits his or her academic abilities, learning styles and personal needs. At Valley Oak High School, using the alternative strategies of independent study, all students will develop skills for successful living and become productive and responsible citizens. The teachers role is to be the student's guide, mentor, counselor, and advocate. We encourage parents and caregivers to take an active role in the student's learning and life plans.

Principal's Message

Students matriculate to Valley Oak Junior and Senior High School through a referral process from the comprehensive junior high school or high school, transfer from the continuation high school, or from out-of-district placements upon moving into district boundaries. Students and their parents/guardians must voluntarily choose the independent study methodology that is employed at this school. Reasons that students attend include medical hardships, family hardships, safety considerations, court order, or other conditions that render placement at either the comprehensive or continuation high schools inappropriate.