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Graduation Requirements


4yrs / 40 credits


2yrs / 20 credits (1 year Life & 1 year Physical)

Social Science

4yrs / 40 credits (Life Skills/CDM)


(World History)  (U.S. History)  (Government / Econ.)


2yrs / 20 credits

Physical Education

2yrs / 20 credits

Fine Arts

1yr / 10 credits


80 Credits


230 Credits

Passing the reading, writing, and math proficiency tests.

Graduation Ceremonies

Valley Oak High School graduation ceremony is held the last week of school at the beautiful River Oak Amphitheatre.  This special night generally has about one hundred students participating.  The students and teachers ware their graduation gowns and the superintendent and school board members come to speak and hand out the diplomas.  the graduate may invite as many people as they want to join in the celebration. Graduates get a chance to go to the microphone and express their joy (if they wish) after they receive their diploma.

Alternative Programs and Equivalents

Adult Education diploma - After students turn 18 years old they must earn at least 10 credits in the Adult Education Program, have at least 180 credits in the right areas, and pass proficiencies.

GED - You must be within 60 days of turning 18 years old or older to take this test.

California High School Proficiency Exam - You must be over 16 years old, enrolled and attending a school regularly, and enroll through your school.  MORE INFO. IN OUR OFFICE.

Junior College Requirements

Junior College usually require High School Diploma, California High School Proficiency, or reaching 18 years old,  Students who complete two successful years at junior college can usually transfer to any state university.

University Requirements

Universities will accept any High School Diploma if you score high enough on the entrance exam.  However most Universities prefer students who have completed the "a-f subjects".  That would include Valley Oak High requirements plus algebra, geometry, and algebra II, biology, chemistry, physics, and two years of foreign language.