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Expected Schoolwide Learning Results

Valley Oak High School students will become:

1.    Independent learners who—

a.     are self-motivated

b.    schedule/pace themselves in order to meet academic requirements advancing
    toward graduation.

c.     exhibit good study/work habits that include regular timely attendance,
    and effective time management to accomplish projects.

d.    interpret and follow verbal and written directions.

e.    develop solutions to problems and adapt them to real life situations.

f.     develop vocational knowledge and skills.

2.    Effective communicators who—

a.     are able to read and comprehend information.

b.    are able to convey ideas and information through writing.

c.     are able to verbally share ideas and information.

d.    are able to listen and interpret information.

3.    Responsible, self-directed adults who—

a.     exhibit self-esteem based upon self-confidence and ability.

b.    exhibit self-motivation, self-discipline, and accept individual responsibility.

c.     set appropriate and realistic educational, vocational, and personal goals
    and standards.

d.    maintain appropriate hygiene, proper nutrition, and physical fitness.

e.    actively seek and subsequently maintain employment.

4.    Contributing citizens who—

a.     demonstrate knowledge of cultures that fosters tolerance for
     individual differences.

b.    are aware that their actions effect not only themselves but also others.

c.     contribute time and energy to the community.

d.    understand and participate in the democratic process.