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About Valley Oak


Valley OakValley Oak High School is an alternative high school that utilizes the learning strategy of independent  study.  Students who have been approved by their home school or the District Alternative Placement Committee should check out of their previous school.  Then they should call Valley Oak High School for an appointment to enroll.  This appointment usually takes about an hour.  It is best for the student to come with a parent or guardian.  When a student enrolls in Valley Oak High School, that are placed in the courses they need to work toward graduation.  They are given their books and their first week assignment.  Then they pick an appointment time for the weekly meetings.  The student will bring the completed work to their first weekly meeting to be corrected, take test on completed unites of work, and get the next week's assignments.  The weekly meeting will be approximately one hour and will be one on one with a teacher.

Attendance Policy

Students must come in each week for a one hour meeting and have at least four of their regular book subjects completed or it is counted as an absence.  It is extremely important for the student and parent to make a commitment to have their student at the meeting on time with their work completed.  Families should keep their meeting days and times in mind when planning their schedules so they don't miss this important meeting.  Missing one weekly meeting is equivalent to missing a whole week of school.  Students will be dropped if they miss three meetings in a row or if they miss five meetings through the whole school year.  Parents may ask for an evaluation for possible re-entry.

The only excused absence are when a student is ill and the parents get the completed work to the site of the appointment before the regular meeting time so the teacher can correct the work during their regular meeting time. If this procedure is followed the student will not receive an absence.

Vacations and leaves must be arranged at least one week in advance.  Parent must deliver a letter to Mr. King(for approval) stating the situation and dates involved.

Earning Credits

Credits are earned by completing books that are assigned a certain number of credits.  Partial completing of books will be awarded a proportional amount of credits.  If a student is behind in credits, they will stay behind if they only do the minimum assignments.  Students have the right to double every assignment every week in order to catch up or accelerate.

A maximum of 45 credits a semester or 90 credits a year may be earned at Valley Oak High School.  Additional credit beyond the maximum may be earned by Juniors and Seniors in Adult Education, Junior College, or ROP classes.  Ask Mr. King for more information.

Student Restrictions

Valley Oak High School students can not be on or around any school campus during school hours (7am to 4pm) unless they have school business and check in at the office.  They should be at home during those hours or under adult supervision unless they are going to or coming from work.

Discipline Policy

Everyone should treat each other with respect and respect each others property.

Sexual harassment includes sexual favors or threats, verbal harassment, physical harassment, and visual harassment.  Any of these should be reported to a staff member or the superintendent.

Zero tolerance policy will apply for any physical injury to others; extortion, robbery, or possession of controlled substance (drugs).  Any of these issues will result in a recommendation to the school board for expulsion on the first offense.

Additional Services and Information

Valley Oak High School students will have counseling and testing services available.

Junior and senior students who are in good standing in the district may be eligible to take ROP classes offered in this county.  Foreign language, advanced math, and advanced science may be available to highly motivated students.

Work permit applications may be picked up at our office.  When you get the application filled out, you need to bring it to the office.  If you are a student in good standing with a good attendance record, we will type a work permit for you.  If your grades or attendance become a problem, we will call your employer and cancel your work permit.  Contact Mr. King for more information.

Transferring Schools

The best time to transfer to another school is at the start of a new semester. You should always notify Mr. King well in advance so all of the proper paper work is completed and taken through the District Alternative Placement Committee.

Transfers to East Stanislaus need to be made at the beginning of the six week block schedules.

When transferring out of Valley Oak High School, please return all books and pay off any fines before you leave. Ask your teacher to make out a report card, pick up a transcript of all your grades and credits, and a copy of your shot records at our office.

Summer School

Summer School is held at Oakdale High School.  It generally starts the week after graduation.  Two sessions are held each summer.  You can take one class first session and earn five credits.  If you take another class second session you would earn an additional five credits for a total of ten.

Summer School is a good way for Valley Oak students to complete the classroom portion of drivers training since we cannot offer this class through the independent study strategy.